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Home in Brda since 1710

The Gašparin family boasts a rich history of winemaking and hospitality dating back to 1740, when Blaž Gašparin, a renowned notary of the Brda region at the time, managed several family farms. Over the generations, the passion for cultivating grapevines has been passed down from one generation to the next.

This beautiful legacy of winemaking and hospitality was continued by Boris and Maruška Gašparin in 1970. Together with Maruška’s father, Silverij Vuga, they set out to create distinctive and auteur wines with a clear philosophy: less is more.

This philosophy was carried forward in 2004 by Tadej and Taras Gašparin, sons of Boris and Maruška Gašparin. Alongside their grandfather Silverij, they began cultivating new vineyards, driven by a clear vision: producing wines using the classic method with secondary fermentation on the Brda soil.

In 2006, Silverij Vuga passed away.

In his memory, Taras and Tadej dedicated the entire name of their winery to their grandfather, thus creating the brand of sparkling wines and wines known as Silveri.

Today, the Gašparin brothers, along with their team, live in the present while maintaining a deep respect for the past. In their sparkling wines and wines, born from careful and loving vineyard cultivation, one can feel their philosophy and the ideas they follow.

History, memories, and tradition represent reference points and a solid foundation for the present, which day by day builds the future.


Due to our unique approach, we offer tastings only when booking. Tastings are held on the property of Pikol Lake Village tasting room.
+386 5 33 45 23,

Possible tasting dinners or lunches by arrangement. Minimum number of guests: 10.
(Reservation required)


Tastings: 13.00 - 18.00
Purchase of wine: 9.00 - 18.00


Expert tasting led by Gašparin brothers, owners and winemakers.

Tasting of 5 still wines Silveri, selected appetizers (homemade salami or prosciutto, selected cheeses, olives, ..) -  35 eur / person


Expert tasting led by Tadej Gašparin, owner and winemaker, renowned sommelier 3rd level connoisseur of the wine world, Wset3

Tasting of 3 still wines and 4 sparkling wines produced by the classic method and exclusive tasting of sparkling wine on yeasts of the year 2008, selected appetizers (homemade salami or prosciutto, selected cheeses, olives, ..) -  55 eur / person


+386 5 333 45 23,

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