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The lake by Pikol is really something extraordinary. In the Gorizia Museum we came across photographs where Pikol is described as the location of “Sans Souci”. In our translation, the words mean carefree. At the time, Pikol and his pond were best known for having a romantic date in the middle of the lake. In the historical paintings, the octagonal structures in the middle of the lake are beautifully visible as islands.

We wanted to preserve history and today our water villas take on the then role of romance on the lake.

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Pikol is our second home. A home of two generations, one supporting the other. Boris and Maruška were still a boy and a girl when they first came to Pikol. Namely, at that time there was an inn by the lake. Everything was busy and Boris tried to comfort Maruška with the thought that one day it would be theirs. They came from the Brda peasant families Gašparin and Vuga, who stood by their side when, a few years later, their dreams came true.

Today, the sons Tadej and Taras, who grew up, played and studied at Pikol, are taking on more and more responsibilities. In fact, Pikol and we all grew up and learned.

Pikol was bought by Boris and Maruška in 1979, slightly renovated and opened in 1980. The small inn opened, offering hand-cut prosciutto, grilled dishes, trout, snails, frog legs and a limited selection of wines.

We might have relied for a long time on the allure of an idyllic wooden log cabin by a small pond, but we were aware that Pikol is much more. We started to include more and more seafood delicacies on the menu, developed new recipes, paid attention to the presentation of dishes on a plate, perfected our knowledge of wine, supplemented the wine list and admired the guests' pleasure at Pikol.

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