Pikol christmas experience

25. December 

Enjoy the festive culinary delights near the most romantic lake. On Christmas day be part of our ideas and creations. We have prepared a menu that symbolizes the atmosphere and at the same time enriches the taste of modernity.

Christmas menu

A holiday greeting
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Adriatic sea prawn carpaccio, with lemon olive oil, dried flowers and black sesame
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Jacobs scallops with black ink of cuttlefish tempura, with cream of tomatoes and grappa
» «
Tuna fish “toč v brajdah” with buckwheat polenta bottarga in tuna’s dry heart
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Chestnut ravioli with slightly smoked cottage cheese from Kobarid
» «
Sea bass in carob flour, anise and violet cream potatoes with bacon of mangolica
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Sweet christmas

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Home made panettone with bourbon vanilla cream

Price: 69 EUR/person

(accompaniment of  Silveri wines 20€ per person


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