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Basically we are just a – family. A family, which origins are in a particular way associated with Pikol. Father Boris and mother Maruška were still boyfriend and girlfriend when they came for the first to Pikol. As guests. But it was all busy and Boris tried to cheer Maruška by saying that one day Pikol would be theirs. They belonged to Gašparin and Vuga farming families from Brda and all the relatives stood by them when, a few years later, a dream came true. Nowadays more and more responsibilities are assumed by their sons Tadej and Taras, who have grown up playing and achieving life and professional skills at Pikol's.

In fact, we all together grew and learned with Pikol. After buying Pikol in1979 we did some restyling of the interior and we reopened the Restaurant in 1980 focusing our offer on hand sliced cured ham, grilled trouts, snails, frogs' legs and a limited selection of wines. Maybe we could rely for quite a long time on the attraction of an idyllic lakefront wooden cottage, but we realize that we can and we must give more.

Due to our guests and for our own sake. We started to introduce more and more fish and seafood on our menu, developed new recipes and made the way of their presentation more attractive. Meanwhile we've deepen our wine knowledge and enlarged the wine list.

Today, Boris is one of the most experienced Slovenian sommeliers and Knight of the European Order of Knights of Wine, Knight's dress (and a few culinary titles) belong to Maruška, which embodies the Pikol's kitchen, Tadej is a member JRE, Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe, the youngest Taras has quickly joined the team with his rapid (and long) steps.

With all the work in the hospitality we remain attached to our origins. A couple of years ago we've inherited from Maruška's father Veri some vineyards and we've decided to cultivate the vines, produce the grapes and do the vinification. As a result of this new challenge we created the trademark Silveri that includes three top quality classic sparkling wines and some still wines. During all the work in the vineyard and in the cellar we have in mind our way of cooking, so we are especially proud when we can recommend this wines to the guests of Pikol.

Our mission is simple. We like to eat well, we like to drink good, we like good company, we love to enjoy. Our guests are not invited to feel like at (their) at home, but to become part of – our family.